How to improve your confidence.

Having low confidence can affect you in many ways. It can affect your job prospects and the way people treat you. The most damaging is the way you think about yourself. No one is perfect, and we all have things we want to change. I never had high confidence, I work on it everyday. I want to share my tips on how to improver your confidence.

1 What is the cause of your low confidence.

Just like anything in life you can’t solve the problem unless you know the cause. For me my low confidence comes from my weight and feeling inadequate. As for my body I can only do so much I have struggled with hormone imbalance and flare ups of chronic back pain. I eat a well balanced diet and exercise 3-4 times a week. I know I am doing all I can to have the  “ perfect body”. My conclusion is that my body is what it is and I should be happy in it. When it comes to body issues I feel this is a societal problem and not your body, you are beautiful no matter what you look like. 

By addressing the cause and coming to an understanding that it is just in your head and it shouldn’t stop you from being happy. The way to improve your confidence is simply to think positively and don’t be so hard on your self, life is a lot shorter then you think why wast it  feeling down about yourself. 

2 Don’t let what (ifs) keep you from living your best life.

Have you ever felt like you wanted to do something but you were afraid or lack the confidence to follow your dreams. Don’t be afraid of failure or reaching out to people for help. Just take a deep breath and go for it. The worse thing could happen is that you would get rejected but its better to go after your goals then it be another what if. The way to achieve your goal is to belive in your self and have the confidence to reach your goal.

5 things you can do everyday to improve your confidence.

Every morning look at  yourself in the mirror and tell yourself 3 thing that you  love about your body and 3 thing you love about your self.

Make a list of things that make you feel uncomfortable to do but could help you to achieve a goal, write out the benefits and challenges to help you not feel less confident.

Wear an outfit that puts you out of your comfort zone, you don’t have to show skin. You can try a bright outfit that draws attention or a more fitted out fit than you normally wear.

Stop guessing what strangers might think about you. Chances are they probably don’t even notice you. 

Try to refocus your brain whenever your thoughts become negative.   

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