Are you getting enough exercise?

I’m writing this blog to give consent  to this global issue that is not just happen in the US but all over the world. Obesity type 2 diabetes and heart disease is becoming more and more of a problem, and with people dying way too young. Increase of physical activity has been shown to decrease your chances of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, depression and lower anxiety.  I want to give facts as well as a solution of ways you can increase physical exercise into your life.

As of November 2018 with new guidelines from the US. Department of  Health and Human services, released the Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee Science report. This is an updated report from the 2008 report. The panel is made up of a 17 member committee of experts and consultants spending 20 months reviewing scientific review of research from the past 10 years.

Most Americans are not getting the recommended amount of physical activity.      

So how inactive are we? Only 19% of women, 26% of men and 20% of adolescents are getting enough  of the recommended amount of physical activity each week.

Each week you should be clocking in 150-300 minutes of moderate intense aerobic activity. Such as brisk walking for 3 miles, water aerobics, light swimming, step classes, hiking,and ballroom dancing. If you like intense workouts like hiit training, hill running, running, biking 10 miles per hour or can clock in 75- 150 minutes each week. You can do a combination of moderate and intense workouts each week at 150-250 minutes. You will also need to incorporate 2 hours of strength training each week working all the major muscles. As for adolescents 6-17 should get one hour of daily exercise including running jumping climbing playing at a playground, and team sports.    It is worth mentioning that getting some exercise is better than not exercising, even if you’re not getting the recommended amount.
Boost brain health regular physical activity of any kind. Studies have shown to enhance and produce acute improvements in executive function, the part of the brain that helps with day to day tasks and planing. Exercise can also help enhancing cognition, the part of the brain that helps with memory, attention and academic performance.There are a few studies that have positive evidence for preventing or slowing down Alzheimer’s disease.

Exercise improves depression management.

Consistent physical activity can help improve depression. It might not completely help you get over depression, but studies show that it reduces the symptoms for depression, and lowers your risk for clinical depression. Women who participate in physical activity during pregnancy are less likely to develop postpartum depression. Women with anxiety or depression during pregnancy benefited even from a low dose of physical activity which promotes a healthy pregnancy.

Exercise can also help with managing stress. I wrote about it in my book


Exercise can help you sleep better     

Positive research has shown that exercise can help you fall asleep faster, and reduces time awake at night. The more you exercise (3-4 day per week) the better chance of reaping the benefits of having a good night sleep by sleeping more deeply. You may also notice a reduction in daytime sleepiness. The good news is that it doesn’t matter when you exercise even if it is close to your bedtime.

Exercise is vital to weight management.

In the media and private organizations minimize the importance of physical exercise. Diet and fitness is a balance, you you need both to lose weight.  The 2018 report found a correlation between increased physical activity and weight loss. Step counters have been shown to improve your fitness because it prompts you to exercise, which can help if you are struggling to find time to exercise.

The older you get the more important it is to exercise

Adults ages 65 and older benefits the most. The main reason exercise is so important to  seniors is that it improves balance,strength, speed, and ability to perform activities of daily living. It also can lower your chances of heart disease stroke and some cancers.

Although people 65 and older still need the same amount of exercise recommended for adults 150-300 minutes a week can cause problems, because most aging adults don’t have the duration of the exercise, and can become a strenuous performance if it is longer than an hour. It is recommended to stay within your ability, choosing more  moderate to low intense exercises like yoga tai Chi and resistance training.

With all the information that we have learned from the report it is best to workout 3 to 4 times a week, incorporate at least 3 -5 and a half hour of exercise each week, a combination of strength training and cardio. If you are lacking in time hiit training ( high intensity interval training) might be the workout for you.  Hiit is 1-3 minutes of cardio going almost to your max effort and 30 seconds to 1 minutes of rest.

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What workouts you like to do?

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PAGAC (Physical Activities Guidelines Advisory Committee) 2018. Physical Activities Guidelines Advisory Committee scientific Report. Washington D.C. Department of Human Services.

HHS U.S. Department of Human Services 2018 HHS released Physical Activities Guidelines  for Americans ,2 ed. Accessed Feb 7, 2019:

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