How I Fell in Love With Health Coaching

It was an ordinary day, and I met with a potential client. Normally when I meet with new clients I usually just talk with them, I asked her the usual questions if she had any health problems, injuries and what her goals were.  I had recently received my certificate as a health coach, and I didn’t feel quite qualified yet, I wanted to learn more. I needed more experience during the consultation, I can tell that she was nervous and uncertain. Personal training can be very expensive, but I carried on with the consultation knowing that I wouldn’t get a sale.

A few weeks went by and I saw her again. I was just getting off my shift and getting ready to work out. She approached me and started talking to me and asked me if she could ask me a few questions I thought this would be a great time to practice what I learned. We sat down and she started talking to me about how stressful her life was at the moment. I just listened, I didn’t say anything, I just let her talk . I told her that I couldn’t help her with her problems, but I did tell her that I could help her with her health. She agreed, so first we talked  about her food habits I learned that she ate a bowl of rice before bed. I asked her if there was something that she could think of to do besides eating rice before bed, something to de-stress. She told me that she enjoyed to color, and that she could get a coloring book and maybe start coloring, or come to the gym after work. She looks a little bit happier after our conversation which made me feel good that I was able to help her. I felt that just to talk with her, had more of an impact than I did with other clients by only letting them workout. I see my clients typically two to three times a week, and even though I try to talk with them 1 hour is not enough time to workout and have a full conversation about their lifestyle.

The following week I saw her again, and  she seemed happier. She told me that she lost two pounds since not eating rice. It’s a small achievement but she felt good about herself. I was amazed that just by having three conversations with her made more progress than with some of my clients who I’ve seen for months. I didn’t even tell her what to do she came up with it all on her own. All I did was stir the conversation and asked questions which helped her to realize what she needed to do. I  started reading more about positive psychology and behavior modification therapy, I now use with my clients, and found that most people know more about health and nutrition than we think. As a personal trainer, I feel that most people know that pizza and junk food is not good for you. That’s not the problem, the problem is helping people to get over their unhealthy behaviors.

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