I Took Myself on a Date and it Was Great

It might seem strange to take yourself on a date, but I really wanted to go out and my boyfriend was not feeling well, so I just went . I decided to go to a Hot Spring hot tub and it was really nice to just  spend some time by myself. I think more people should do this, it’s really good to step away from everything, calm your brain down and refocus on the things that matter. I know this is not a new concept but for a lot of people like myself, it’s hard to do fun things without having someone with you.

What I have learned from my experience

On that day I was feeling kind of low and exhausted and wasn’t really motivated to cook anything that was healthy for dinner. I thought  to just make some burgers and fries, but I ended up making salmon, salad and roasted vegetables. Taking some time to myself, rejuvenated me and made me wanting to make healthier choices.  Changing my environment and taking time for myself made me able to change my mood. Sometimes we just need to escape from stress or feeling down, so taking time for yourself can lead to making better choices.

My idea of taking yourself on a date is to escape, and find something to do that distresses you. It could be anything you could be trying something new, get a massage, take a yoga class, or anything that gives you a mental clarity. It’s a way for you to think more positively and cancel out the negative chatter that we all have going on in our brains.  We all need a space in our lives where we can feel joyful, and relaxed where we can retrain our mind which is very important, and we should all allow ourselves to do that.

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