Do You Need Yoga Props

Maybe you are just getting into yoga or have been practicing for a few years, so you may have noticed some props like blocks or bands. Have you ever wondered what they’re for, or if you should buy them? Well, I am going to tell you the uses for props and if they’re worth buying. Side note it is not a sign of weakness to use a prop, the purpose of most is to help you with your poses.  

Yoga blocks

Blocks comes in a few forms from rubber foam and wood. Typically blocks are rectangle but they could also be square or circles. The uses for blocks is to help you to extend your arms or legs. If you are struggling to reach the ground you can use blocks so you can feel safe and comfortable in the pose and not on your fingertips. I would recommend getting a Two  yoga blocks to help you in your practice.  


A strap lets you stretch with ease without putting strain on the rest of your body. Like the blocks, straps can help you to extend your arms to help you into poses you are struggling with like dancer pose for example. Straps are inexpensive and I think they’re a good buy, and your shoulders will thank you


Blankets are commonly used in restorative yoga to help prop you up. Blankets are also good if you have knee problems or low back pain and need a little extra support. You can also use them if you get cold in some studios or with other exercises in where the workout room might get cold. Blankets are only useful if you are only doing gentle yoga or if you need more cushion.   


Are like blocks except they don’t have a flat surface they’re not as helpful. Most people use eggs to help with down dog or handstand. Eggs are not worth buying there is not a lot of use for them so save your money and stick with blocks.

Mat covers

Mat covers are meant to help you with grip so you don’t slip. It is also good for hot yoga if you sweat a lot then you won’t get it on your mat. If you don’t slip or do hot yoga then you probably won’t need a mat cover. Don’t use a mat cover instead of a yoga mat.


Like blankets, pillow/boosters are mainly used for restorative and prenatal classes. I love my yoga pillow for that time of the month, it really helps to open your hips and reduce cramps. You can you the boosters for meditation and for support during your practice. For example, if you need to sit cross-legged but it is uncomfortable you can place two boosters under your knees for support.     


The main use for the wheel is to help with backbends as well as crow pose and asserted child’s pose, and if you have high blood pressure. I do not own a yoga wheel I think they may help if you have a hard time with backbends which  makes it easier on the spine. I don’t think they are worth buying, their price is a bit high average price $40.


I have mentioned trx in a previous blog post, it is a great piece of equipment. Did you know you could use it for yoga as well? It can help to improve your current practice or make it more challenging. At the moment there is not a whole lot of yoga classes that teach with the trx I did find a workout on youtube You can use the TRX for other workouts and you can find Suspension trainers in many gyms. It is quite expensive but If you have a place to hang it is worth the buy.

Essential oil

If you are having a hard time with breathing during exercises essential oils like peppermint can help with breathing. Essential oil can also help to set the mood creating a relaxing environment.

There are many more props on the market for yoga. I just listed the most common ones that you will see at target or at sports stores. As you get more into practicing yoga you may come across props. Please leave a comment letting us know what you liked about the blog.  

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