My favorite workout shoe brands. As a personal trainer.

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Before I get into my top picks I will only mention shoes you can use for your workouts or for lifting weights.

Choose the best shoe in where you move around in easy without pain in your feet. We all have different feet, you may have high arches, flat feet or other issues. If you are experiencing discomfort you may need new shoes or see a doctor. There is an easy test to tell what type of feet you have, all you need is a sunny concrete surface and water. Wet the bottom of your feet and take a few steps. Look at the shape of your foot. if you just see ball and heel then you have high arches. If you see your whole foot you probably have flat feet. If you just see your ball single line from your big toe to your heel then you have normal to a slightly high arch. If you are interested in a specific activity like running or hiking there are specialty stores that can help you find the best shoe for your foot type.

Okay, now that that is over with let’s get into the list.

My third favorite brand is Adidas

I feel that Adidas is more an active leisure brand than a workout shoe. Hear me out I know I am going to get a lot of hate for sneakerhead, but based on their design the shoes are just not comfortable enough for workouts. They are definitely, not the worst you can buy, but keep in mind what is better, your feet or how they look. The two types I like the best are ALPHABOUNCE AMS SHOES,


Reebok comes in number two. The one thing I don’t like about Reebok is that they support Crossfit, I will write about the dangers of Cross Fit in a later blog. The brand itself made a huge turnaround it went from almost going out of business to doing really well. I do like their website where they categories the shoes,(running training) so if you are looking into a specific activity you can do some research beforehand which is nice. My two favorites are  REEBOK FLEXAGON, REEBOK JJ II VALOR.

My number one is Nike! I love Nike because the shoes are most comfortable for me, and they last the longest. Just like Reebok they also have a section where you can research which shoe would be the best for the activity you want to perform, from running to golf. My favorite shoes are Nike Free TR 8, Nike Free x

Let me know what your favorite workout shoe is? and why you like it

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