Managing My pcos |Story


I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome when I was a teenager. I was overweight had a lot of acne freaking dandruff and hair started growing in weird places.  Needless to say it made my teenage years a living hell. Not many teenage girls have to pluck neck hair, most of my classmates plucking eyebrows in the mirror while I was plucking hair off of my neck. I have other hormone imbalances as well, my doctor just nicely told me that I was all f***** up in my body. and that I need to go on high hormone pills basically the ones that transgender men use to become women. I took those pill and they did nothing! They did absolutely nothing except make all of my symptoms worse. Fast forward to my early twenties I was managing my hormones a lot better mainly because I was exercising regularly and  I had no stress. Into my late twenties when I met my husband he got sick and I became his full-time care. Stress level went through the roof. I mean my heart I don’t think was in the same place anymore I think it moved my stomach.You try living in the most expensive city in California making $30 an hour it was a lot emotionally. I decide to move back in with my parents which made things a whole lot worse. the benefit of moving back meant that I had support from my family to help me take care of my husband. but still having a hard time managing my hormone imbalance. so I’m going to be making a series so that I can learn in the future how to control these damn hormones. Hopefully someone out there can benefit for my trials and errors and be okay with my TMI.  this is my experiences I’m not a doctor so if you are experiencing hormone imbalances or if your body is doing weird stuff that should be doing you should go see a doctor. really awkward videos cuz I’m a very awkward person. hopefully you enjoy the new blogs. my past blogs I’ve been writing more of what I think people want to read but now I want to write things that I want to write about I don’t give a s*** if you don’t like it because this is more for me and let’s face it it’s so much easier to just go on WordPress and find the blog cuz all organized so nicely. and I am not an organizational person I try to be and I might make a blog post soon about how to stay organized when you’re not organized if that makes any sense. mostly I want to write about the things that trouble Society in my opinion I feel like we focus so much on being perfect that we forget about that we’re not perfect. I hope you all have a lovely whatever time you’re reading this. if you or someone you know is interested in health coaching I would greatly appreciate it if you check out my website cuz I really need the support I wouldn’t say that my business is failing I feel like I’m okay since I make enough money to pay my bills which are very expensive so if you’d like to support me I have a GoFundMe page  any amount would be very very appreciated. love you all so much and let’s all be in perfect together.

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