Mix Up Your Gym Routine

There’s more to strength training then just building muscle. it’s a way to improve your quality of life. Sometimes you take the smallest of movements for granted, getting out of a chair. swing a golf club or running. These are all things that create strength in the body. Here are my 7  favorite strength training, always find a way to mix them up in the gym or at home. Find workouts that work for you that you enjoy and that bring you Joy. Working out should be fun it should not feel like a chore.


Agile Strength

The benefits of agile strength is the ability to move mass through gravity and multi-plane motion.  This type of strength training is best for improving activities of daily living specifically carrying objects like groceries, kids anything that we need to carry or move around.


Walk, lunge,  squat and twist, plank walkout, bicep curls, squats. lightweights or bodyweight. you can do pretty much any exercise just with light to moderate weights. You can use a variety of workout equipment such as dumbbells medicine ball sandbags for cable machine.

Low to moderate intensity

Reps 10 or more

Sets 2-5

Rest  30-90 seconds between each set


15 x3 Squats

12 x3 Lunges twists

15 x3 Bicep curls

12 x3 Tricep Extensions


Strength Endurance

Strength endurance relies upon aerobic efficiency. Strength endurance comes from running marathons, running, triathlons or high-volume bodybuilding. The benefits are maintaining postural stabilization, improving aerobic capacity, and able to perform many functions of daily living. The intensity of the workout is low to moderate if your lifting weights 10 or more reps. even though its strength endurance it is not explosive so the tempo of the workout is slow to moderate. If you are lifting weights you’ll do two to five sets resting 30 to 60 seconds in between each set.



11 mile run each week


Explosive strength

These are among my favorite exercises which include clean and jerks, Samurai ladder, athletic training moving quickly, also moving quickly to move out of the way of danger.The benefit is improving speed of motor unit requirement to enhance intermuscular coordination.  Unlike strength endurance lower reps 1 to 6 reps, 2 to 5 sets, and rest time 30 90 seconds between each set

3 clean and jerks

6 box jumps

maximum strength

Max strength seems to be confusing to most people that lift weights. I constantly have someone come up to me and tell me I’m lifting too much or I didn’t complete my sets. I like mixing it up in the gym and trying new workouts. Always listen to your body and don’t overdo it.  

Exercise includes power squats, deadlifts, bench press and more. The benefits is activating type 2 fast twitch muscle fibers, also increases the level of muscle-building hormone, increases bone density, and improves activities of daily living.

Intensity is 90-100% 1 rep max

,Tempo is slow to fast you can control your muscle fatigue by slowing down on the resistance.  

1 to 4 reps  you’re lifting heavyweight to the heaviest you can possibly lift.

3-4 sets

Resting two to four minutes.


My max bench press is 140 pounds, I can safely do 3 reps. During a “normal” session I lift 90 pounds, and I do 12 reps.


Speed strength

High-speed movement training uses body weight or a   light amount of resistance. Benefits maximizing reaction time, enhance athletic performance.

1-6 raps

Fast explosive exercises

2-6 sets

rest 30 seconds to 2-minutes in between each interval

6 squat jumps

6 burpees

6 lunge jumps

6 box jumps


Starting Strength

Isometric hold with an explosive movement.  An example of starting strength is when someone is holding a squat for 10 seconds and then jumping. Landing back in the squat and holding again. Benefits improving muscles and tissue to increase the race of force production on them.


Isometric Holds

Isometric holds are when you hold a pose for an extended period of time.   very popular in yoga and pilates classes. An example would be holding a chair, post, plank,  wall sits. You feel an Isometric workout right away, you can also do isometric holds during weight training by holding the weight halfway through a resistance. The most benefit from isometric holds working muscle stabilizers, which helps with balance.

low intensity

3-4  reps

Holding each movement 10 seconds or more.


If you have any questions leave them in the comments.

Thanks so much for reading my blog!

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