Sweet Potato Hot Salad

No matter what time of year it is it is always nice to have something warm. I try to make most of my meals as nutritionally balanced as possible. I do enjoy playing with flavors, like all my recipes It’s quick easy and hopefully you find it delicious.

This is vegan ( Quick disclaimer I am not a vegan I just eat a plant-based diet. This works for me but might not work for you. Before starting a diet talk with a registered dietitian they will help you to create a diet that will work for you.)

Now that I got all of that out of the way let’s get into this delicious salad


2 cups roasted sweet potatoes

1 cup garbanzo beans

¼ onion

2 garlic cloves

2 cups spinach

Orange lemon vinaigrette

¼ Cup orange juice

2 Tab lemon juice

1 Tab olive oil

1 tsp Rosemary

Salt and pepper to taste

To start you are going to peel and chop the sweet potatoes into small squares

roast the sweet potatoes in the oven at 440°F. It will take approximately 30 to 40 minutes to cook all the way through and be slightly crunchy.

Cut up the rest of the vegetables.

To make sure that everything is done at the same time I would wait about 15 minutes before frying everything up.

In a pan add a small amount of oil to keep from sticking.

Add onions and cook until the onions turn translucent.

Add the remaining vegetables and canned garbanzo beans. If you want to use fresh see kitchen notes.

Once everything is done cooking put them into a bowl and make the vinaigrette

You’re just gonna measure out all the ingredients and then put them in a bowl and mix together.

Kitchen Notes

If you are using non-canned garbanzo beans you must soak the dried garbanzo beans overnight to make them soft. This will also reduce cooking time, bring to a boil and cook till their soft or to your liking.

In the comments down below let me know how you like this recipe.

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