Self reflection

I want to start by apologizing to people I may have hurt, and to myself for not being me. So many times I wish I could change everything about myself, because I don’t always like who I am. My anxiety and depression got the better of me sometimes. I always tried to be the smartest one in the room because I didn’t think I’m that smart. I sometimes put others opinions down to elevate my own. I always try to be the prettiest in the room because I don’t like how I look. I feel I pass judgement on those who are happy being themselves, because I am not. I want to share my feelings because I know so many people feel same. I want them to know it’s okay. The important thing is to recognize that your actions may affect the people around you. The biggest lesson I have learned is, if you can’t love who you are it can be hard to love others. Recognizing our faults is how we grow, to become a better version of our self

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