Your Beloved Purse Might be Damaging Your Body.

So there are lots of reasons why you might have shoulder, neck or back pain. I am going to be writing a series of how the things we use can be causing pain throughout your body.  I wanted to start off with purses and other bags, I for one love a cute bag, I’m not saying to give up your love but wearing it differently can have a great impact on your spine and joints. The most common way people carry bags is on one shoulder or their forearm. This way of holding your bag shifts off the ailment of your body. Here is an example, your bones in theory are supposed to stack, and your joints line up. Every part of our body is connected, I don’t want to go to into too much detail, or this will be the longest blog you will ever read, so I am going to keep it short and simple.      

So In the picture, you can see I am wearing the bag on one shoulder, this is causing my shoulder to dip as my body is  compensating for the added weight. My hips are leaning to the opposite to my bag. This is a posture I see in a lot of people who have added weight to their shoulder. By being in this posture you lift one shoulder higher than the other. This can cause overused muscle caused by a slightly lifted shoulder trying to balance the strap on your shoulder. How  can you fix the problem, one way is to change your bag from shoulder to shoulder. You could also try not to have so much stuff in your bag to lighten the load.



If your bag comes with a strap use it across your body so that the weight is distributed across your body. If you do have a lot of shoulder pain here is a style of bag a lot of my clients with pains love.

   Wearing a bag on your or forearm can also cause a misalignment in your body.  By holding a bag on your forearm causes your shoulder to basicly off set your shoulder blade by drawing your shoulders together. It can also bring your shoulder down again creating a miss ailment. To Help counteract the stress try to hold your bag from your hand. Be kind to your body and be aware of what causes pain to your body.  


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